Neil started his career as an architectural sculptor in 1972 when he joined the restoration team at Chichester Cathedral in Sussex. Shortly after he moved on to St. Pauls Cathedral in London, where he joined a team of architectural sculptors.

In 1976, Neil moved to the Sculpture Studio in the Department of the Environment, and within 6 years he headed the studio until it closed in 1990. This was a great experience which produced some excellent pieces of art.

With the experience gained from working with other specialist sculptors, Neil opened his own Studio in London in 1990. Whilst running his own Studio he taught on the public arts course at the Chelsea College of Art and Design. Alongside of this he worked part-time at City and Guilds of London Art School.

In early 2002, Neil and his growing family moved to Somerset in the South West of England. This is where his current Studio is based and all private and/or commissioned work is completed, apart from on-site projects. 

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