What We Do

Neil Simmons is a sculptor based in London and Somerset, who specialises in transforming ideas into a tangible reality. Since the 1970’s, he has many items of work on display available to the public across London with other notable pieces located in Private Estates across the United States, Australia and Europe.

Neil has decades of experience and sculpted both private and publicly viewable commissions, including Baroness Margret Thatcher statue in Guildhall Art Gallery, the Princess Diana Memorial at Althrop House and several marble figures in the Privy Garden at Hampton Court Palace.

More details about previous commissions and private works can be found in the Commissions Page or Projects Page on this website.

Neil predominately specialises in both private works and public commissions for portraiture, architectural, figurative and memorial works. Due to the depth of knowledge captured over the years, he can deliver invaluable advice and work towards requirements and specifications for any proposed ideas put forward.

Utilising a wide variety of materials has been key in developing a strong client base and undertaking various types of projects. Neil mainly works with Clay, which he then later converts to either Bronze or Marble. 


To view previous architectural sculpting projects take a look at the projects page.


Browse through a range of figurative projects for your own inspiration.


Neil takes great pride in sculpting memorials for client family members and loved ones.

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